Conditions of Sale


All goods are sold subject to these conditions which shall prevail over any conflicting conditions sought to be imposed by a customer. These conditions should be read in conjuction with the terms as stated in our current price list.


Publication of our catalogues and price lists constitute an offer, and the placing of an order is deemed to be an acceptance of that offer. The resulting contract is subject to these conditions of sale.

Title & Risk

  1. The goods shall be at the risk of the customer as from the time when they are ready for delivery.
  2. The property in the goods shall not pass to the customer but shall remain vested in us until all sums owing from the customer to us on whatsoever grounds shall have been paid, and until such time the customer shall hold the goods on trust for us. Such sums shall not be treated as paid until all cheques, bills or other instruments of payment given to us by the customer have been met or honoured in accordance with their terms.
  3. The customer shall if so required store, mark or designate all goods referred to in sub-clause (b) hereof so as clearly to show that they are our property.
  4. If the customer shall default in the punctual payment of any sum due to us we shall be entitled forthwith to repossess any goods which remain our property and the customer shall for that purpose afford us access to and we shall be entitled to enter any premises in the occupation of the customer or to which he has access and where the goods may then situate.


We reserve the right to alter without prior notice the specification of any goods listed in the catalogue.


Where any goods are made by us to a customer's design the customer must indemnify us against all claims and liability for breach of any patent, copyright or registered design.

Part Deliveries

We reserve the right to make part deliveries against any order and to invoice all such at the time of despatch. Such invoices will be payable notwithstanding that the balance of the order has still to be delivered.


Delivery of all orders will be made as early as practicable, or as close as practicable to customer's specific requirments. Notwithstanding any delay, however, orders will remain valid and binding.


Cancellation of any order or part of an order will be accepted only with our prior consent.

Return of Goods

Goods may only be returned with our written consent. On such return they will be credited at the invoiced price less a handling charge. Consent will not be given to return goods made specifically to order.



Prices shown in our website, catalogues and price lists are subject to change without notice.


Delivery takes place at customer's warehouse.


Carriage is payable by the customer on all orders routed at our discretion.


Orders are accepted on the basis of prices, ruling at the time of despatch.


Invoices, unless sale for cash or other credit terms have been arranged, are due for payment on or before last of the month following that in which goods are delivered.


Shortage or damage must be reported to us within 48 hours of receipt of consignment by customer.


Non-delivery of a consignment must be notified by the customer to us within 7 days from the date of despatch to enable us to make claim upon carriers. Notification outside this period invalidates the claim and no resonsibilty will be accepted by us.

Terms & Conditions relating to Hobby Machines

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