NEW Chester Bristol VS

Centre Lathe


Stock No. 2025607216N

Machine Specifications

Distance between Centres 1000mm
Centre height 205mm
Maximum Swing 410mm
Swing over Cross Slide 255mm
Swing in Gap 580mm
Length in Gap 190mm
Bed width 250mm
Spindle Bore 52mm
Spindle Taper MT6
Spindle Nose - Camlock D1-6
Tailstock Quill Diameter 50mm
Tailstock Taper MT4
Cross Slide Travel 210mm
Compound Slide Travel 140mm
Max Tool Size 20 x 20mm
Number of Speeds Varispeed (H & L)
Range of Speeds 30-3000 rpm
Leadscrew Pitch 0.05 - 1.7mm/rev
Cross Screw Pitch 0.025 - 0.85mm/rev
Motor 3.3kw
Power Supply 415v
Net Weight 1340kg

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